Rachelle Davis

Rachelle Davis

I have always been pretty active and loved working out. My husband is actually the first person who introduced me to CrossFit when we lived in Oklahoma. At first I was intimidated at the thought of CrossFit but I gave it a shot and I actually ended up loving it! Shortly after we got married and moved to Modesto, we joined Resident and I fell in love with everything Resident/CrossFit had to offer. I love the community that embodies CrossFit and seeing how everyone encourages each other. It’s neat to see how much that adds a positive and energetic environment for people to workout in and creates a family atmosphere. Outside of CrossFit, I spend my time with my husband Beau and my adorable pup, Brave. I love a good brunch and all things Lululemon.

Resident CrossFit

523 Glass Lane,

Modesto, CA 95356

Phone. 209-321-5750 and 209-202-7141

Email. residentcrossfit@gmail.com

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