What is CrossFit and is it for me?

Now, you all have RCF’s manifesto and you know what is most important to us as far as services provided and our emphasis on gym dynamic, but we think it is important that you get a preview/feel for exactly what it is you are signing up for.

No one goes out for the swim team because they want to be a better wrestler, right?

CrossFit by definition is: Constantly Varied Functional Movements Performed at a Relatively High Intensity.


We could spend a few days writing up a mini-thesis on what that means… but we won’t. All you really need to know is that by definition, CrossFit should work for absolutely EVERYONE reading this post. Young, old, disabled, extra-abled, in-shape, out-of-shape, thin, tall, small, bald…. You name it.

Don’t let the name “CrossFit” or the videos you’ve seen of the most elite lifting small houses overhead intimidate you from swinging by to check us out. While we firmly believe that everyone has the ability to reach an “elite” level of yourself, we don’t expect anyone who walks through our doors for the first, second, or shoot… 20th time to be ready to tackle a muscle-up (google it) or a perfect squat snatch (google that too). However, we do believe that each and every person out there has the personal responsibility to in the very least, be in the current pursuit of performing functional movements like squatting, or being able to get up off the ground with relative ease, or even maintaining the ability to move weighted objects without the fear of injury. Constantly varied? We will take care of that part. Be excited to come in each day to be faced with a new task or movement- this should be fun! No more monotony or second-guessed workout structures. Get ready to learn to properly perform a huge variety of transferable, functional movements. Last but not least: relative intensity. Every client that we have worked with has possessed totally different “intensity thresholds” from the next person over. Based off the principle of relative intensity, a new athlete can work at different paces and under different weight loads with modified movements yet still attain the same stimulus from a workout as the 18 year old CrossFit phenom training in the class before.

One of the many beauties of CrossFit is that people from all different walks of life can find a commonality under one roof through the broad and cohesive workout structure of… you guessed it:

Constantly Varied Functional Movements Performed at Relatively High Intensity.

Our goal through responsible programming and attentive coaching is to help all of our clients use the tools CrossFit has to offer to help improve daily functions and prepare for any of the unknown and unknowable life has to throw. The staff at Resident is here to help guide and push to a healthier and more “athletic” You.

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